Support and Resources

Iowa State University has resources available for students, faculty and staff who want to learn more about free speech, address issues of concern or request assistance and support.

  • Demonstration Safety Team

    The Demonstration Safety Team is a group of highly committed university faculty and staff who volunteer to assist with campus demonstrations and serve as a resource for student/student organizations and community members to help plan a safe event. The role of this team, chaired by the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students and Chief of Police, is to ensure demonstrators are able to exercise their constitutional rights freely, safely, and productively while adhering to university policy. Demonstration Safety Team members are trained on First Amendment rights, de-escalation techniques, and ISU policies and regulations. Members are present during most demonstrations held on campus grounds. Team Captains serve as resources to students and community members and help guide and make recommendations as demonstrations are being planned. If you are looking to plan a demonstration on campus, please email the team and a Captain will be happy to assist.